Pardhu @ ATA, Detroit, USA








I congratulate the core committee for the American Telangana Association for the grand success of Detroit convention last week. Every thing was organised so perfectly…. Throughly enjoyed my assignment as judge for PallePata competition along with Sri Suddala Ashkotejagaru.

I congratulate president Rammohan Konda, Convenor Vinod Kukunur, Vice Convener Narendra, my friend , Secretary RAVI Upad for the success of the convention. I thank my dearest friend Chandu Talla( Board of trustee ATA) for designing this wonderful program , coordinating at the national level and also for making me a part of this program. It was wonderful to see the response for Manatv &Tv 5 telecast for this event and congratulate Sridhar Chillaragaru for the same.

My, congratulations to all other national coordinators of the Pallepata event Ravi Borja and Narasimha Nagulavancha and the local coordinators Gopinath Peturi,Praveen Jaligama, Srinivas Chittaluri and Ramesh Madhu.